Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Power Sources (Batteries) Electrochemical power sources or batteries are studied under the inter-disciplinary subject of Electrochemistry dealing with the reactions occurring at the interface of electronic conductors (active materials) and ionic conductors (electrolyte), production of electrical energy from chemical cells (or conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy)  and its reverse reaction …

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Tubular plates

Tubular Plates

Tubular plates: tall tubular battery vs flat plate battery 1. Types of lead acid battery plates Introduction to batteries There are several types of electrochemical power sources (also known as galvanic cells, voltaic cells or batteries). A battery is defined as an electrochemical device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy and vice versa. The …

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Glossary of battery terms

Battery Terms

Glossary of Battery Terms! Let’s dive right in! The following summary is a short version of battery terms used in everyday dealings with batteries and battery technology. It is not comprehensive and is designed to provide the layman with a basic understanding of battery terms . It should enable the non-expert to understand the information …

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