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What is Train Lighting Battery?

Microtex supplies industrial heavy-duty coach battery to the Indian Railways for various applications and is a Part 1 supplier. Microtex train lighting battery have been performing extremely well in the Indian Railways. Coaching mein battery, Microtex hi reliable, coach battery supplier since 1994. Indian Railways use coach batteries as a source of power when the train is stationary or moving at low speeds. The power supply unit along with the coach battery is fitted outside and underneath the coach.

Types of Train Lighting Battery used in railway coaches. The coach battery system for train lighting is designed to meet the harsh environments where dust and heat are generated as the train is speeding along the tracks facing the cold and the heat from different parts across India. Microtex coach battery is available for Train Lighting in Tubular Gel VRLA Battery & AGM VRLA cells 110v 120Ah.
For railway AC coaches train batteries Microtex offers 110v 1100Ah maintenance-free Valve Regulated Lead Acid Cells housed in steel modules. These are placed undercarriage in railway AC coaches battery box. The AC 3 tier coach battery capacity is 1100Ah.

Single battery system for train lighting

6v 120Ah VRLA Battery

110v 120Ah VRLA Battery

2v 1100Ah VRLA Battery

110v 1100Ah VRLA Battery

Battery Bank in train coach, why Microtex coach battery is best?

Microtex have been manufacturing & exporting batteries from 1977.  50 years of manufacturing experience puts our Microtex Coach battery as one of the top railway battery manufacturers in India.

Our Coach battery is designed for the reliable performance required in train lighting applications. Microtex coach battery with deep-cycle performance. Ensures quick recovery from deep discharges. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures. Manufactured with special Lead tin calcium alloys, they are sealed maintenance-free coach battery. Trusted by the Indian Railways our Coach battery is dependable & perform meeting & exceeding RDSO specifications.

With a Microtex Coach battery, you get:

  • More capacity, for trouble-free performance
  • Sealed Maintenance Free
  • Excellent reserve capacity
  • Faster charge acceptance with nano-carbons!
  • High power efficiency – recovers from PSoC quickly

Microtex is supplying Train Lighting Battery to the Indian Railways since 1994


Microtex have been supplying Coach Battery to the Indian Railways since 1994 & is a highly respected product

Long Service Life

  • Long service life
  • Higher capacity
  • Latest technology with balanced active materials
  • Proven performance from 1994, with the lowest FRPCPY

Superior coach battery

  • Strong & sturdy PPCP (Polypropylene Copolymer)  containers & housed in MS modules, designed to withstand internal pressures, during service
  • PPCP cover with big polarity indication enhances cell safety for easy visual of cell polarity
  • German safety vent-valves for precise opening & sealing pressures to release & reseal immediately
  • AGM batteries with high-quality high-temperature absorbent glass mat to maximize life in a high-temperature climate with deep-cycle performance
  • Engineered grid designs ensure long-lasting performance
  • Balanced active materials based on end-use as a deep-cycle battery
  • Designer calcium lead alloys with high tin additives for corrosion-free electrodes
  • Electrode group design to provide for low internal resistance
  • Hardened lead alloy with copper/brass insert terminal posts for fail-proof connections
  • Positive & Negative electrodes are formed & then assembled to ensure high-quality
  • Train Lighting Battery are factory fresh charged

Train lighting battery range

Railway coach battery from Microtex are built to meet railway specifications, with lead-acid technology. Microtex Coach battery are available in:

  • 6v 120Ah 
  • 2v 210Ah
  • 2v 525Ah
  • 2v 800Ah
  • 2v 1100Ah

Coach Battery user manual

Always refer the manufacturer’s user manual for safety. You can get the best life out of your Coach Battery by following the manufacturer’s user guide

Charging instructions

Follow the best charging practices to get maximum life from your train lighting battery bank. Use the correct battery charger for air-conditioning of railway coaches

GTP, discharge curves & drawings

For GTP, discharge curves, drawings & coaching mein battery prices or for exports, Please send us a quick message with your requirements. We shall provide you with all information as required.

3 key parameters that make Microtex Train Lighting Battery No 1

Microtex railway Train Lighting & AC Coach battery offers 3 of the most important requirements for the railways:

Reliability – Microtex train lighting battery caters to an important function in the coach battery requirements:– dependability. They supply power to lights, fans and AC units during the non-generation period and any malfunctioning can cause inconvenience to the travelling public.

Ease of installation – Microtex train lighting battery is designed with simplicity & ease of use. User end railway satisfaction is the prime key to its product success. The Microtex coach battery is designed in such a way that is meant to be easy to handle & install

Operation – Microtex Train lighting battery is designed with enough capacity over its lifetime. This ensures operational requirements over trouble-free years of use. Designer calcium alloys coupled with a tough grid design ensures that the cells perform extremely well in the demanding railway coach battery application. Microtex train lighting battery will keep working for a long time!

Train Lighting Battery Black
Train lighting battery 6v 120Ah
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