Golf cart battery

What is a golf cart battery?

Golf cart battery Guide to Electric Golf Cart Battery The term electric golf cart battery covers a multitude of applications, from lighting an RV or tent during a camping holiday to powering a club car golf cart buggy for a couple of 18-hole games per day. The applications are diverse but the requirements for the …

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what is a traction battery?

What is a Traction Battery?

What is a traction battery? According to European standard IEC 60254 – 1 lead acid traction battery are used as power sources for electric propulsion in applications which include road vehicles, locomotives, industrial forklift trucks and mechanical handling equipment(MHE). The traction battery pack can be made of 2 volt cells, or 4, 6, 8 and …

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Mining locomotive manufacturers

mining locomotive manufacturers

Batteries for Mining locomotive manufacturers In this blog, we examine the requirements for the very difficult underground duty of mining locomotive batteries. Whilst the safety requirements are understandably the main focus for underground usage battery designs and materials, we must not forget the importance of performance and the practical difficulties of maintenance and charging batteries …

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E-Rickshaw battery

E-Rickshaw Battery

E-rickshaw entry E rickshaws propelled by e-rickshaw battery, also known as electric tuk-tuks or e-rickshaws have been becoming more popular since 2008. The Modi Government in 2016 launched an ambitious scheme to distribute 5,100 battery-operated electric rickshaws to provide employment to the poor and to promote a cleaner environment. Recently, the Indraprastha Institute of Information …

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