Microtex EV Battery - Reva car battery *

* Disclaimer: Reva is not a brand of Microtex. And Microtex has no connection with Reva

Microtex deep cycle EV Battery - suitable for Reva car battery*

Microtex EV battery are tubular plate lead-acid batteries. Also, called Semi-Traction batteries due to its intense discharge requirements. EV batteries are designed to supply a relatively small amount of DC current over long periods of hours up to 80% depth of discharge and on its subsequent charge. Specially designed lead alloys for positive and negative grids provide better current conductivity to the terminals with lower internal resistance. Presence of tin and grain refiners ensure a high-performance plate resistant to grid corrosion and offers higher efficiency in charge-discharge cycles.

Microtex are EV battery manufacturers in India, with German technology

Robust Active Materials

Nano-carbons for faster charge acceptance

What sets our EV battery apart from the rest?

Microtex have been manufacturing & exporting semi-traction & traction batteries from 1977. 50 years of manufacturing experience puts our Microtex * Reva car battery as one of the top EV battery manufacturers in India. Designed for deep discharge performance, it is manufactured with special antimony alloys, requiring very less water topping-up. A boon for the * Reva car battery user!

Available in the complete international range in 6v batteries, 8v batteries & 12v EV batteries capacities ranging from 140Ah to 240Ah meeting stringent international specifications. With a Microtex EV battery, you get:

  • Trouble-free performance
  • Reduced water topping-up needs, makes you feel it is a waterless battery!
  • Faster charge acceptance with nano-carbons!
  • High power efficiency – performs through the fairway!
  • Longer discharge period – heavy-duty, coupled with deep-cycle capabilities
  • Long-life – better return on investment

Some of Microtex 6v Deep Cycle Battery features that EV manufacturers in India & * Reva car battery users look for include:

Stringent specifications

Microtex EV batteries meet stringent International Standards & generally comply with

  • IS 5154 (Part 1) 2013
  • Our labs are equipped with state-of-the-art high-quality life-cycle testers from world-class suppliers Bitrode and Digatron to ensure our batteries stand to meet the required electrical parameters to the test of time

Innovative design

  • Designer lead alloys with low antimony for positive plates & negative plates to prevent failures due to corrosion
  • Low antimony reduces the need to top up more frequently
  • Correctly balanced active materials ensure enhanced energy densities that provide long life & trouble-free performance
  • 150 bar high-pressure die-cast spine grids for tubular positive plates (densely compacted under such high pressures prevent early corrosion failures)
  • Tubular plates – not flat plates!
  • Superior WOVEN tubular gauntlets (not NONWovens) for tubular plates
  • Woven tubular gauntlets will not rupture in service and  active material will not leak causing internal shorts & failure
  • Sturdy PPCP (polypropylene copolymer) for durability
  • Factory fresh charged batteries for * Reva battery car – No fuss no mess, use straight away

Semi-traction battery range

  • EVT 6 v 205Ah
  • EVT 6v 225Ah
  • EVT 6volt 240Ah
  • EVT 8 volt 140Ah
  • EVT 8v 155Ah
  • EVT 8v 175Ah
  • EVT 12 volt 150Ah
  • Microtex offers deep cycle * Reva car battery* – in 6v 240Ah & fits all * Reva battery car

Maintenance & user manual

Always refer the manufacturer’s user manual for safety. You can get the best life out of your battery by following the battery manufacturer‘s user guide

Charging your * Reva car battery

Follow the best charging practices to get maximum life from your golf cart batteries.

GTP, discharge curves & drawings

For GTP, discharge curves, drawings & * Reva car battery price or for exports, Please send us a quick message with your requirements. We shall provide you with all information as required.

Things to consider while ordering an EV battery

There are many EV battery manufacturers throughout the world. Please consider the following while selecting your EV battery:

  • Voltage & capacity
  • Overall dimensions
  • Terminal positions
  • Automatic water filling system – please replace if older than 3 years – the non-return valves become sticky

Reva car battery* replacement cost at once can be an expensive experience. That’s why Microtex manufactures every component of the battery in-house – to keep our prices realistic and very competitive for our customers.

Competitive prices do not mean a loss of quality, either. We have skilled R&D teams and in-house scientists whose job it is to keep us up with modern technology and ensure that our practices make us a leader in the B2B battery industry. Electric car owners need to be sure that their electric cars are reliable and stand up to the need of giving battery capacity to cover the full range & be able to get more distances even in heavy bumper to bumper traffic. 

In order to get the most out of your battery, it is essential to properly maintain your electric car battery. Microtex has devised a list of considerations to help with this to give you years of trouble-free use.

What EV battery technology do we offer?

Microtex EV Batteries are made with tubular plates & designed for semi-traction applications * reva battery car. Semi-traction load applications are very demanding on the * reva car battery & it needs to be suitably designed to meet the continuous deep-cycle discharges.

How many Reva car batteries

Reva electric car battery specifications – lead-acid battery technology: 8 batteries of 6 volt

A guide to maintaining your * reva car battery
  • Time your * Reva car battery to be at their optimum charge for when they are likely to be used
  • Check water levels each month
  • Always use demineralized water
  • Regularly check & clean any possible terminals corrosion apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly
Reva car battery* replacement cost

Please do get in touch with us for * Reva electric car battery price. We shall provide the best prices, including fitment.

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