Estb'd 1969

Wide range of batteries

Exporting batteries to 43 countries

Flooded low maintenance lead-acid batteries

Microtex offers a wide range of Low Maintenance Flooded Lead Acid batteries for many different applications. 12v batteries in monobloc containers for UPS, home inverters, Solar energy, Automotive, Genset starter battery applications & 2v batteries for Stationary & Standby applications 

Sealed maintenance free AGM VRLA batteries

2v AGM VRLA battery & 12v SMF VRLA batteries in extremely rugged designs to withstand high temperature operations coupled with long service life. 2v vrla batteries are available from 50Ah to 5000Ah & 12v monoblocks are available from 12v 7Ah to 12v 200Ah

Sealed maintenance free tubular gel VRLA batteries

Microtex Tubular Gel Batteries are designed by a reputed German  Battery scientist. The secret of the success of our Gel batteries lie in the Gel manufacture in a state-of-the-art Gel mixing plant imported from Germany. We offer TGel batteries in 2v TGel stackable modules from 100Ah to 5000Ah & 12v Tgel batteries for deep cyclic applications from 40Ah to 160Ah 

Factory at Bengaluru

Microtex is a leading battery company in India that manufactures industrial lead-acid batteries for storage of power, in Bengaluru, India. The factory has a covered area of 26700 Sq ft on 5 acres of land, with 300 expertly trained people. Established 50 years ago it is one of the top battery companies in India well known for its high quality. Microtex produces the specially designed lead alloys, lead oxides, grid castings, pasted plates, injection molded containers, multi-tubular gauntletsPVC separators in house, and produces the complete battery using state-of-the-art industry standard battery making machinery. Our batteries are built with proven designs and undergo complete life cycle testing to international norms before they are offered to the market.  The electrical lab is complete with high quality LCT from world class suppliers Bitrode and Digatron.

Exceptional Batteries

Industries Served

Forward thinking customers

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