Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries: Helping You store the Sun’s Energy

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Microtex Batteries for the solar industry

Microtex solar batteries have superior quality – for one reason! All components are manufactured in-house!
Right from the raw materials, we manufacture the complete battery & all its components. This guarantees that we control the quality & performance of our batteries rather than relying on outside vendors for the various battery components. Complete control of the quality of components ensures you get a solar battery made with consistency & the legendary reliability of Microtex products

Microtex specializes in solar batteries for solar photovoltaic systems, wind hybrids, and solar power plants. We supply batteries for the solar industry in the form of storage systems for standby, emergency power UPS systems, railway signalling and telecommunications.

If your industry has unique requirements, Microtex takes pride in working to strategize customer-specific solar battery solutions.
Solar batteries are fast becoming a cornerstone industry for our manufacturing considerations, and because of this, we are investing in further technological studies to provide reliable power storage at an affordable price.

High-Quality Batteries

A comprehensive inventory of lead acid types of battery –  Flooded – AGM – Gel

Microtex Solar Panel Batteries

12V Flooded Solar batteries

Microtex 12V Solar Batteries are available with heavy-duty performance tubular plate technology. Thicker positive plates ensure the battery performs as a true deep cycle battery. Available in 12V from 40Ah to 175Ah


12V Gel Solar batteries

Microtex 12V Solar Panel Batteries are available with heavy-duty performance tubular plate technology. Thicker positive plates ensure the battery performs as a true deep cycle battery. Available in 12V from 40Ah to 175Ah

12V Gel Battery Microtex Eternia
Microtex Solar batteries SMF

12v SMF Battery

Microtex 12v SMF batteries where maintenance is not possible.

Manufactured with flat plate technology using high-temperature absorbent glass mat separators. These batteries are sealed maintenance free batteries.


OPzV Deep Cycle Solar Batteries

What is the longest lasting solar battery? 2v OPzV batteries for solar off-grid applications are the best option for this requirement. Sealed maintenance free tubular batteries with very long life.

Microtex Solar batteries OPzV

2v AGM Solar batteries

Microtex VRLA agm solar battery with capacities from 2V 100Ah to 2V 5000Ah

2v TGel Solar Battery

Microtex Eternia 2V gel batteries are the best solar batteries. Offer the same features as the OPzV batteries with PPCP containers instead of ABS containers. Ideal solar battery solution

Microtex Solar batteries TGel

OPzS/HDP battery

OPzS batteries offer a robust life for solar applications where annual maintenance is not an issue and ideally suited for large off-grid solutions.

12v Front Terminal Battery

FT batteries offer the convenience of having the terminals easily accessible where the space is tight and accessibility is important

Microtex Dunia Front Terminal Battery
Microtex LMLA Cells
2V Flooded battery

Microtex 2v flooded lead-acid battery have excellent reserve capacity. Deep-cycle characteristics for those sun-less days when autonomy is achieved.

What kind of batteries are best for solar?

The use of solar off-grid energy supply is becoming increasingly popular to power your home, & for domestic, industrial, and municipal applications.

  • There are distinct advantages of lead-acid solar battery technology compared to lithium ion battery & other electrochemical systems for energy storage.
  • Affordability, reliability, recyclability, and safety are key issues in choosing the right battery for a particular application and lead-acid batteries will score highly in these categories.
  • Due to the variable nature of renewable energy sources, many of the installations include an energy storage system to enable supply for peak demands and when energy generation is limited. 

Solar battery is c10 rated deep cycle batteries.

Though there are alternative storage technologies such as lithium ion solar batteries, the method of calculating the size of a lead-acid battery is the same for all chemistries. A detailed understanding of the load and run-time autonomy of the solar battery is necessary in order to ensure the system meets the usage requirements. The components in the system must be efficient in converting energy from the input source to the demand on the solar battery. To calculate the battery capacity required for the system, the size of the individual load, total load, and individual run times all matter. 

The characteristics of the equipment and the application must be understood thoroughly in order to design and specify an effective and trouble-free installation of a solar energy system, either as a sole source of electricity or as a hybrid fuel source. A solar photovoltaic array that generates electricity during the night requires a solar battery for storing the energy. The selection of solar batteries will also be more accurate if the autonomy load is carefully calculated. Having the right battery specification will not only ensure a low cost of solar batteries But also a long and cost-effective solar battery life. And ensures a satisfactory autonomy.

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