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DG battery for all makes of gensets from 62kva to 2000kva

Why Microtex DG Battery?
Generators have become ubiquitous in our everyday life & necessity in every business sector, be it hospitals, banks, offices, remote locations & residential apartments.
Generators require a high cranking current. Microtex DG batteries are capable of multiple cranks in excess of its requirement due to excellent capacity. Manufactured using state-of-the-art machines, with special calcium-tin alloys, it comes with a reliable performance & is maintenance-free.
Available in the two most popular capacities 12v 90Ah & 12v 200Ah. Microtex is India’s leading Genset battery manufacturer.

Microtex DGStart battery for diesel gensets

Microtex DGStart genset batteries comply with

  • IS 7372 standards

Key features

  • High capacity plates ensure higher cranking power to weight ratio works in temp range -18°C to 55°C
  • Balanced ‘Active’ materials ensure superior cranking currents with instant start of your Genset
  • High charge retention design provides for the ability to perform under PSoC conditions
  • Radial grid design of electrodes ensure smooth travel of current to the terminals, to deliver instant cranking currents
  • Sturdy PPCP (polypropylene copolymer) containers for durability
  • Designer calcium lead alloys for positive plates & negative plates for maintenance-free characteristics requires topping-up only once in 6 months
  • Non-spill vent plugs with flame arrestor ceramic disc
  • Heavy-duty pillar & terminal to withstand heavy currents
  • Factory Charged Batteries – No fuss no mess. Use straight awa

Battery range

DGStart Genset battery specification & design are extremely suitable for instant cranking currents. Standard range of 12v 90Ah & 12v 105Ah batteries readily available. Please download our catalogue below.


Always the refer battery manufacturer‘s user manual for safety. You can get the best life out of your battery by following the battery manufacturer’s user guide

DG battery voltage

Please refer these charging instructions for the correct charger settings & DG battery specific gravity of your DGStart Genset battery

GTP, discharge curves & drawings

For GTP, battery discharge curves, drawings & DGStart DG battery price list 2020 or for exports, Please send us a quick message with your requirements. We shall provide you with all information as required.

What is a Genset battery?

A diesel generator needs to be cranked instantly when the power fails. Most generators located remotely have a built-in automatic mains failure & need to be automatically started immediately. The Genset needs a reliable DG battery to provide the high currents required for cranking the diesel engine. Genset batteries are built differently with a special chemical formulation in the active materials to provide for superior cranking currents to provide for a failsafe starting of the diesel engine.

What is the difference between automotive batteries & Genset batteries?

The major difference is the design of the battery plates. The DG battery has a more robust plate construction to meet the demanding cranking power required to start the heavy load of a large diesel generator’s engine. Automotive batteries will possibly do the same task of starting the engine, but will not have the same life.

How to calculate battery capacity for DG set?

Please see the chart below for the correct rating of the battery for your genset.

Generator KVA Rating Battery Type No of Batteries
up to 25kVA 12v 90Ah 1
30 to 140kVA 12v 105Ah 1
160 to 400kVA 12v 150Ah 2
500 to 700kVA 12v 180Ah 2
750 to 1500kVA 12v 180Ah 4
1800 to 2250kVA 12v 180Ah 8
2750 to 3750 12v 200Ah 8
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