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IntelliBATT the best inverter battery made with high-performance tubular plate technology for an inverter for home use.

Best inverter battery

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INtelliBATT - Best inverter battery for home, ups & inverters

We consider INtelliBATT to be the best inverter battery in the battery industry and make this bold claim because we manufacture the entire inverter battery in-house. This ensures the highest level of quality control possible. It’s our goal to make sure our products do not suffer from external problems or third-party malfunctions. We produce our own specially designed lead alloys, lead oxides, grid castings, pasted plates, injection moulded containers, multi-tubular gauntlets, and separators. Before being sold, each individual type of inverter battery is thoroughly validated through a complete life cycle testing process.

What to expect from the best inverter battery? With a Microtex INtelliBATT inverter battery, you can expect:

  • Trouble-free performance
  • Very low maintenance with topping up periods of 18 months
  • To deliver the correct rated capacity
  • Superior customer service to help you through any service-based questions after your battery purchase

INtelliBATT the best inverter battery meet stringent International Standards. Microtex inverter batteries  comply with:

  • BIS standards
  • Our electrical labs are equipped with state-of-the-art high-quality life-cycle testers from world-class suppliers Bitrode and Digatron to ensure our batteries stand to meet the required electrical parameters to the test of time.
  • Superior woven tubular gauntlets (not NONWovens) for tubular plates.
  • Woven tubular gauntlets will not rupture in service & active material will not leak causing internal shorts & failure
  • Ceramic vent plugs trap water & replenish the battery
  • Factory charged batteries – No fuss no mess. Use straight away, saves time & keeps your home appliances running
  • Can be used for square wave inverter, pure sine wave inverter & modified sine wave, solar panels, inverter works well keeping your electrical appliances & tube lights smoothly working!

Best inverter battery designs:

  • Rugged PPCP (polypropylene copolymer) containers for durability
  • Designer lead alloys with low antimony for positive plates & negative plates to prevent failures due to corrosion
  • Low antimony reduces the need to top up more frequently & keeping the electrolyte levels under control
  • Correctly balanced active materials ensure overcharge tolerance from faulty charge controllers giving you long life & trouble-free performance
  • 150 bar high-pressure die-cast spine grids for tubular positive plates (densely compacted under such high pressures prevent early corrosion failures)
  • Thicker spine grids for positive plates – ensure better compaction of lead, can deliver power requirements throughout the life of the battery

Best Inverter Battery range

INtelliBATT Best inverter battery design is particularly suitable for home inverter systems, solar inverters, emergency power UPS systems. INtelliBATT The Best inverter battery are available in 12v monoblocks from 40Ah to 200Ah. Please download our 12v INtelliBATT catalogue 


Always the refer battery manufacturer‘s user manual for safety. You can get the best life out of your battery by following the battery manufacturer’s user guide

Charging voltage for the best inverter battery

Please refer these charging instructions for the correct charger settings of your INtelliBATT 12v inverter battery

GTP, discharge curves & drawings

For GTP, battery discharge curves, drawings & INtelliBATT Inverter battery price list 2020 or for exports, Please send us a quick message with your requirements. We shall provide you with all information as required.

What is an inverter battery?

An inverter battery can be any rechargeable or secondary or storage battery (electrochemical power source) like a lead-acid battery, nickel-cadmium battery or Li-ion battery.  Normally the inverter, which is an electronic device, is connected to the AC mains along with the battery.  When there is a power shutdown, the battery begins to supply the inverter a direct current (DC) (at 12V or higher, depending on the design of the inverter), which is then converted to alternating current (AC) by stepping up the DC voltage to AC voltage of 230 V.

It also regulates the voltage, current and frequency. And as soon as the mains power is resumed, the charging circuit wakes up and begins to charge the battery.  The inverters normally do not charge the batteries fully. The maximum charging voltage is limited by the manufacturers and it is in the range of 13.8 V to 14.4 V for a 12 V battery

What is the difference between UPS & inverters?

The major difference between the inverter and uninterrupted power supply is the switchover time. Switching time is of two types: change over time from mains to back-up and vice versa.   In UPS it is only a few milliseconds (average 8 ms), which one will not realise in practice whereas in inverters, it will be several milliseconds (during which the connected electrical and electronic items would be switched off. When the inverter begins to supply current, all the items will be switched on, for, example, fans and lights (and not the computers, which requires manual switching on).

Which inverter battery is best for home application? Flooded flat plate or tubular?

The flat plate battery is inherently a short-lived battery. Even though the flat plate inverter battery is designed with thicker plates than the ordinary flat plate batteries, the life is poor in comparison with tubular batteries. Tubular batteries offer robust performance, recover quickly from deep discharges & have a very long life.
Hence, the tubular battery is the best inverter battery. Prefer to buy tall tubular batteries instead of short height batteries if space is available.

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INtelliBATT Best Inverter batteries
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Inverter battery for home

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