Eternia Gel Battery with German technology

Best 12v deep cycle hybrid gel battery

Microtex have been manufacturing 12v 100ah deep cycle gel battery in India since 2007 for UPS, Solar & Standby battery applications meeting Global standards with 12v gel battery price that are hard to match!

Microtex Eternia 12V Gel Battery

Why Microtex are considered as leading 12V Gel Battery Manufacturers

German Designs - Made for Indian conditions

Microtex batteries are designed by Dr Wieland Rusch a leading battery scientist & inventor of the copper stretch metal submarine battery design.

Comparable to any leading international brands of batteries – our designs match with the best in the world.

Microtex 54 years Logo

Established in 1969, Microtex is known for its legendary quality

Microtex batteries are known the world over for its dependable & reliable battery performance

Unlike competitors, Microtex makes the complete battery & all its components in house

Microtex produces in house, the specially designed lead alloys, lead oxides, grid castings, pasted plates, injection-moulded containers, multi-tubular gauntlets (PT Bags), PVC separators and produces the complete battery using state of the art industry standard battery making machinery.

What is a 12V Gel Battery?

A Gel battery or also called GEL VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery is simply a lead-acid battery in which the electrolyte has been immobilised using thixotropic silica gel in order to recombine hydrogen and oxygen. It has a sealed construction with pressure release valves to prevent gases from escaping. The use of silica gel to immobilize the acid is what gives its name – Gel Battery.

What is GEL Battery Technology?

Because the electrolyte is no longer in a fluid state, due to being gellified into a finely textured thixotropic silica gel, the gases produced at the plates are not free to form bubbles and rise to the top surface. Instead, they are trapped in the immobilised silica gel matrix and forced to travel to the opposite poles by the pressure gradient produced when on charge. In a free liquid, this would be impossible.

A 12V gel battery is a type of rechargeable battery that uses gel electrolyte instead of liquid electrolyte. The gel electrolyte is made by adding a gelling agent to the electrolyte solution, which makes it thicker and more viscous. This helps to prevent leakage and spillage, making gel batteries safer and more convenient to use than traditional liquid electrolyte batteries. Gel batteries are often used in applications where high reliability and long service life are important, such as in standby power systems, solar power systems, and electric vehicles. They are also commonly used in marine and recreational vehicle applications due to their ability to withstand vibration and shock. As the name suggests, a 12V gel battery has a nominal voltage of 12 volts, which makes it suitable for use in many different types of devices and equipment.

Designed by Dr Wieland Rusch of Germany – Manufactured with precision and pride in India. We manufacture the complete Tubular Gel batteries, lead plates, gel electrolyte, and all its components in house ensuring a high level of quality without having to depend on outside vendors.

12V Gel Cell Battery uses & applications: 12V deep cycle Gel Batteries are suitable for Solar battery backup, UPS & Inverter systems, Switchgear & controls, Banks, Insurance & Office power backup, Traffic management systems

Microtex Eternia deep cycle gel battery 12v – valve-regulated (VRLA) with high power density using thixotropic silica gel are available in a wide range in 12V monoblocks from 100Ah to 200Ah. VRLA 12v GEL Battery with longer cycle life for the UPS & Inverter industry from Microtex are sealed maintenance-free batteries and come with assured quality. Microtex incorporates battery research and design from years of its own experience and that of reputed European Battery Scientists. Microtex 12v GEL battery series – delivers trouble-free performance with an ultra-long life on float applications. They are supplied in factory charged condition ready for use.

What is VRLA Battery?

VRLA stands for Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery. It is a characteristic of a 12V GEL Battery.

What is the advantage of a gel battery? 12V Gel Battery vs lead acid

12V Gel batteries are sealed maintenance-free batteries. Microtex offers this with Tubular Plate Technology. Tubular plates are very robust in construction. Unlike a flat plate, the tubular plate will not shed in the service life of the battery. Read all about tubular plate technology in our blog pages.

Lead-acid referred to here usually means flooded lead-acid batteries. Flooded batteries require topping up periodically. Gel batteries are sealed & require no topping up. Having a design life of over 15 years, they offer the best value for money.

What are the benefits of using a 12V Gel Battery?

A 12V gel battery is a type of rechargeable battery that uses a gel electrolyte instead of a liquid one. Some potential benefits of using a 12V gel battery include:

  • Longer lifespan: Gel batteries tend to have a longer lifespan than traditional lead-acid batteries, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run.
  • Maintenance-free: Gel batteries require little to no maintenance, as they do not need to be topped off with water or checked for acid leaks like traditional lead-acid batteries.
  • High discharge rates: Gel batteries are capable of providing high discharge rates, making them suitable for use in high-current applications.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly: Gel batteries are sealed and spill-proof, reducing the risk of acid spills or leaks. They also do not emit harmful gases during charging or discharging, making them a safer and more environmentally friendly option compared to traditional lead-acid batteries.
  • Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable and low-maintenance battery option for your 12V system, a gel battery may be worth considering.

How much does a 12V Gel Battery cost, and how do I know if it's good quality?

The price for a 12V Gel Battery can vary depending on the brand and specifications. However, when it comes to determining if a battery is of good quality, there are several factors to consider.

These include the battery’s capacity, durability, maintenance requirements, and warranty. It is also important to look for batteries that meet & conform with tests and certifications by reputable organizations such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Additionally, reading reviews and checking ratings from other customers who have used the same brand or model can give you an idea of its performance and reliability. Ultimately, investing in a high-quality battery may cost more upfront but can save you money in the long run by providing better performance and lasting longer.

What precautions should be taken when using these batteries or any other type of battery that has been designed to last longer than conventional ones (e.g., deep cycle 12V gel battery)?

When using batteries designed to last longer than conventional ones, such as deep cycle batteries, it is important to take certain precautions. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully: Different types of batteries may have specific requirements for charging, discharging, and maintaining proper use.
  • Use the right charger: Make sure you use a charger that is specifically designed for your type of battery.
  • Check the voltage regularly: Overcharging or undercharging can damage the battery, so it’s important to check the voltage regularly to ensure that it remains within the recommended range.
  • Store the battery properly: Keep batteries in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources.
  • Dispose of batteries properly: When it’s time to replace your battery, be sure to dispose of it properly according to local regulations.

How long does a 12V gel battery last?

To determine how long a 12V gel battery will last, several factors need to be taken into consideration, such as the capacity of the battery in amp-hours, the load being placed on the battery, and the charging system being used. Generally speaking, a 12V gel battery with a capacity of 100 amp-hours can provide power for around 8-12 hours, depending on the load being placed on it. However, this is just an estimate and actual performance may vary depending on the specific conditions and use case. It is important to properly maintain and charge your battery to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

The TRUTH about how To Choose a Dependable 12 Volt Gel Battery... even if You Have Been Told All Gel Batteries Are Plus Or Minus The Same Thing!

“This is to certify that Microtex Traction battery types 36v 756Ah supplied by you in the years 2012 & 2018 are working in good condition and performance is satisfactory. Both batteries are fixed in Crown reach trucks. Microtex provides good service support.”
Snowfield Cold Storage - Tamil Nadu
“You have an amazing factory and warm workplace and culture! Keep it up!.”
Parth Jain, Unified Global Tech (I) P Ltd
“This is to certify that we have received 5000Ah VRLA cells of Microtex Energy Pvt Ltd on 27-7-2016 and are installed in our exchange at Rajendra Nagar Bareilly. These cells are working satisfactorily and the performance is very good/ excellent..”
SDE/DE - BSNL Bareilly

12v Gel battery specifications

  • Microtex 12V GEL VRLA batteries in PPCP containers are available from 12v 100Ah to 12v 200Ah. 
  • 12V GEL Battery Life: > 10 years in standby float operation @25°C     – 1450 cycles at 20% depth of discharge
  • Maintenance-Free: No topping up water during the operational life
  • Operating temperatures: -20 deg c to +55 deg c
  • Self-discharge: Approx 2-15% per month depending on storage temperature conditions
  • Recovery after deep discharge: Very good
  • Microtex grid technology is an alloy of lead, tin, and calcium specifically formulated for use with Microtex NanoPlus Paste with Carbon Technology. The grid formulation provides outstanding structural adhesion between NanoPlus Active Material Paste and the grid frame. Ensures the best 12v gel battery state of charge
  • Thick high pressure die casted grids at an incredible 150 bar pressure, creates a robust spine grid with reduced corrosion, resulting in enhanced battery performance, longer life, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Shelf life without recharge: May be stored up to 6 months
  • Operational temperature: -20°C to 55°C, recommended 10°C to 35°C, short time 45°C to 55°C
  • Reliability: Peace of mind that the Gel 12V battery backup power supply will remain constant; longer power backup discharges during a power outage
  • German Design: With balanced active materials delivers battery capacity that meets international specifications
  • Durability: Thicker negative grids that are gravity cast
  • Grid construction in popular European DIN design, for high-density performance with increased life
  • Special insulators for plate ends: eliminates shorting
  • Price: A realistic, and competitive 12V Gel battery price in India

Made in India with German Technology

  • Leak-Proof terminals pole bushing. Our special design makes for a complete seal & ensures no leak of either gases or acid throughout the GEL battery life time
  • High-quality fumed Silica Gel manufactured in an imported German Gel manufacturing plant ensures the Gel battery will not dry out (This is a usual mode of failure in inferior products)
  • Plate ends are wrapped with edge protectors to eliminate shorting
  • Calcium lead alloy grids provide for superb oxygen recombination & maintenance-free performance
  • Large terminal post design: Strong posts with good conductivity & mechanical strength. Threaded, lead-tin brass or copper inserts give increased conductivity & better high rate discharge performance, without heating up of terminals
  • A larger contact area for better conductivity inserts eliminates melting of terminal
  • Fire-retardent (FR) Grade PPCP containers, covers are available optional
  • 12V Gel Battery internal resistance values are very low
  • A dedicated design team for customer service to help you through selection & sizing options
  • Microtex GEL Battery 12V 120Ah price in India is the most competitive
  • The combination of Tin-calcium lead alloy tubular positive plates and lead selenium with low antimony alloys deliver the best performance in VRLA battery type technology for ultra-long battery life & performance.
  • VRLA Battery ventilation requirements: release gases under controlled valve regulation that require minimum ventilation unlike flooded batteries
  • Seismically qualified battery racks are available optionally if required
  • Delivery: On time, every time; Guaranteed
  • After-sales: We are 12V Gel battery manufacturers in India with a fully committed, PAN India customer care service is available a phone call away to solve any issue quickly and efficiently

At Microtex we believe our customers must get the best12V Gel battery performance & life consistently. To this end, we leave no stone un-turned to ensure that you get the best GEL battery manufactured with great care & passion.

12V Gel Battery technology - Best 12V GEL Battery price in India

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Microtex 12V GEL Battery datasheet, technical information, & downloads

Technical Data

Microtex 12V GEL batteries are available from 50Ah to 12v 200Ah in PPCP containers & are hermetically sealed maintenance free batteries.

Microtex Eternia 12V GEL Battery sizes:

Battery modelMaterial of Container Capacity in Ah at 270C 20HrOverall Dimension in mmBattery Weight 
L +5 mmW +5 mmH +10 mmWith Gel (appx.) Kgs.
EGEL ST 50PPCP5035517023023
EGEL ST 75PPCP7535517023027
EGEL ST 90PPCP9050822325739
EGEL ST 120PPCP12050822325745
EGEL ST 145PPCP14550822325749
EGEL TT 95PPCP9550018743066
EGEL TT 120PPCP12050018743071
EGEL TT 150PPCP15050018743073
EGEL TT 165PPCP16550018743077
EGEL TT 200PPCP20050018743086
Positive plateTubular plate with special calcium tin alloy
Negative plateFlat pasted with nanocarbons & special additives
SeparatorsMicroporous PVC battery separators
ContainerFlexible yet robust Polypropylene CoPolymer (PPCP) life of battery
Cover/lidPolypropylene CoPolymer (PPCP) with large visual indicators for polarity
ElectrolyteSulfuric acid with a density of 1.26 kg/l, fixed as GEL by fumed silica
Specific gravity1.260SG @ 25ºC
Terminal pillar post100% gas & electrolyte-tight, sliding design with plastic coated kind of moving pole bushing with M10 brass inserts
Intercell connectorsElectrolytic grade lead plated copper connectors of rated capacity
Vent valveValve Regulated Vent Plugs from Germany, high precision opening & closing pressures with explosion inhibiting ceramic
Operating temperature-20ºC to 55ºC optimum recommended temp is 10ºC to 30ºC
Depth of dischargenormally up to 80%
Reference temperature25ºC
Initial capacity100%
IU CharacteristicsImax without limitation
 U=2.25 V/cell +- 1% between 10ºC and 45ºC
Float current20-30mA/100Ah
Boost chargeU=2.35 to 2.40V/cell time limited
Charging time up to 88%6h with 1.5xI10 Initial current, 2.23 V/cell, which was previously discharged up to 80% C3 rate

Full container 12V GEL batteries are usually delivered in 30 days. We ensure that you get factory fresh charged batteries for your order every time.

  • 12V GEL Batteries are supplied in export worthy carton box packing & palletized for easy handling.
  • Standard 1 year for all supplies

Microtex have been manufacturing & exporting 12V Gel VRLA batteries since 2007
for various backup battery applications meeting International norms

Microtex timeline

May, 1969

Established as mfrs of PVC Battery Separators & PT Bags

Mr A Govindan our Founder & first generation entrepreneur, establishes Microtex pioneering the manufacture of battery separators & Tubular Bags which were import substitutes at the time. He obtained a patent for the Pluri Tubular Bags in 1975  

May, 1969

Feb, 1977

Started exporting Traction Batteries to USSR

Not many companies in the world have the rich experience of manufacturing & exporting traction batteries from 1977. Microtex have supplied over 4500 traction batteries a year during the period

Feb, 1977

March, 1985

Approved for supply of 2V batteries for Telecom

Started supplies of 2V flooded LMLA batteries to the state owned P&T

March, 1985

April, 1994

Approved for supply to Indian Railways

Batteries for rolling stock applications & stationary batteries for signaling applications.

April, 1994

July, 2003

launched INtelliBATT 12v TT inverter batteries

Highly successful Microtex 12V flooded batteries for the huge inverter battery markets

July, 2003

Feb, 2005

Started manufacture of VRLA Battery & TSEC approved

Microtex establishes manufacture of VRLA batteries for various applications. Obtained TSEC approvals for VRLA batteries from 2V 200Ah to 2V 5000Ah in a very short time. Supplies to BSNL, Idea, Airtel, Indus Towers, Huawei, Bharti infratel, Viom, etc

Feb, 2005

Apr, 2006

Dr Rusch, leading battery scientist joins Microtex

Dr Wieland Rusch, battery expert from Germany & inventor of copper stretch metal submarine batteries, joins Microtex to upgrade & bring to world class designs for the complete range of batteries including traction battery & developed the complete range of OPzS & OPzV Gel battery. Microtex was the first company to launch Gel batteries in India.

Apr, 2006

Apr, 2008

Started production of OPzS & OPzV battery

Microtex started supplies of 2V OPzS Batteries to Nuclear facilities in India & exported Gel batteries for various applications including telecom, solar energy storage 

Apr, 2008

Mar, 2011

Dr McDonagh joins Microtex as CTO

Dr Michael McDonagh with his rich manufacturing experience in various leading battery companies, established strong process controls in Microtex

Mar, 2011


Fast forward to today

Microtex is legendary for its high quality batteries & reputed in the battery industry for its good & ethical business practices. Microtex manufacturing plant is environment friendly, involves employees & ensures their welfare is first. Microtex is probably one of the few companies worldwide to manufacture in house, the entire battery from the lead alloys, battery containers, the grid castings, plate manufacture, assembly & testing of batteries to world class standards. 


Why choose a Microtex 12V GEL battery?

12V GEL Battery Technical information & characteristics

12V GEL battery the fail-safe battery, with German technology​

features and

with more benefits for you

The perfect solution if you want 12V GEL battery technology


What is the cost of a 12V GEL battery bank?

Experience shows that 80% of 2V AGM VRLA batteries last only 5 to 7 years.

Don’t let that happen! Choose long-lasting deep-cycle batteries from Microtex.


  • Long service life – 10 years designed life – best return on investment cost


Dependable lead acid battery capacity so you can get complete performance. Your return on investment in Microtex 12V GEL batteries ensures the long term cost is way lower.

Why Microtex is Best 12V GEL Battery?

Microtex produces the specially designed lead alloys, lead oxides, grid castings, pasted plates, injection-moulded containers, multi-tubular gauntlets, PVC separators in house, and produces the complete battery using state-of-the-art industry-standard battery making machinery. Our batteries are built with proven designs and undergo complete life cycle testing to international norms before they are offered to the market. The electrical lab is complete with high-quality LCT from world-class suppliers Bitrode and Digatron.

Microtex 12V GEL Battery Uses/Applications

Microtex 12V SMF Battery for Hospitals

Microtex 12V GEL Battery for Hospitals

High-performance deep cycle VRLA batteries with high-power density ensure better ROI

Microtex 12V SMF Battery for UPS applications

Microtex 12V GEL Battery for Large & Small UPS

Can we use GEL battery for inverter? Yes. As well as for UPS systems & Solar inverters

Microtex 12V SMF Battery for Offices

GEL Battery for offices, Banks, Insurance

12V GEL battery banks for emergency battery power backup in small & large offices. Service industry cannot afford power outages & rely on our 12V GEL batteries for uninterrupted power supply.

Microtex 12V SMF Battery for Home Solar inverter applications

Microtex GEL Battery for Home Solar Inverter

Maintenance-free GEL battery for home solar battery requirements. Microtex 12V GEL Battery for Home Solar inverter applications

12V GEL Batteries for C&I customers, off-grid solar home users,  Data centres, Telecommunications, large UPS systems, Nuclear power generation plants, Thermal power stations, Hydro-electric power plants, Electricity substation battery requirements, Large Solar photovoltaic systems, Oil & gas industry, Petrochemical plants, Controls & Switchgear & controls

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Our happy customers

All logos belong to the respective companies & Microtex is not associated with the brands

Microtex Reputation. Highly demanding customer base

  • Nuclear Power Corporation of India
  • National Hydro Power Corporation
  • Electricity substations & Power Generating Stations across India
  • Indian Railways
  • Oil companies
  • Telecom operators

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Established in 1969
Exporting Batteries to 43 countries since 1977!

Microtex Aerial view

Battery manufacturing plant in India

What is the difference between 12V GEL battery and 12V AGM batteries?

Comparision of GEL and AGM Battery 
GEL BatteriesAGM VRLA Battery 
Nominal 12 volts per batteryNominal 12 volts per battery
Positive plate Alloy is made from Calcium Plus Positive plate Alloy is made from Calcium Plus 
Positive electrode is usually tubular platePositive electrode is flat pasted plate
Electrolyte is gellified with thixotropic silica – level is  well above the busbarElectrolyte is immobilized in Absorbent Glass mat separators in a starved electrolyte condition
Maintenance free no Topping up with waterMaintenance-free no Topping up with water
Special Leak-proof terminal bush design Special Leak-proof terminal bush design 
Batteries can be installed in horizontal or vertical positionBatteries can be installed in horizontal or vertical position
The gelled electrolyte has the advantage of no acid stratification and no failures due to the partial state of charge. The immobilized electrolyte has the advantage of no acid stratification and no failures due to the partial state of charge. 
Self discharge is less than 1% per weekSelf discharge is less than 1% per week
Design float Life is 10 years Plus Design float Life is 5 years Plus 
Complies with DIN 40 742 part 1, Tests according to IEC 60 896-21,22 and safety standards, ventilation DIN EN 50 272-2.Complies with IS15549:2005, IS15549:2005, IEC 60896-Part 21 & 22, IEC 61427, IEEE 1188 & 1189 

Microtex is the Best 12V GEL battery

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Battery Mistakes All 12V Gel battery Owners Need To Avoid!

How to restore 12v gel battery? How to revive 12v gel battery?

Do not mix new batteries with old batteries

12V Gel Battery reconditioning: often reconditioning an old 12V Gel battery can become quite a costly affair if you keep replacing dead batteries one by one; even the new battery will drain out rapidly as the old batteries tend to draw more out of the new one. 

12V Gel battery replacement: It is best to have an expert from the company visit you to have a thorough inspection of the 12V Gel batteries after a complete charge, compare the cell voltage, specific gravity to decide the state of charge & whether in needs to be replaced at all.

Avoid any sort of battery additives or desulfation methods

How to recondition 12V Gel batteries? 12V Gel Batteries are electro-chemical devices. All chemicals have a half-life period beyond which regeneration with chemical battery additives or desulfators for batteries have little effect, if any, temporary. 

The normal mode of failure at end of life of 12V Gel batteries are usually due to the decomposition of the positive plate and or grid corrosion. Desulfators cannot repair corroded grids. Once the positive plate decomposes, there is no magic or chemical in the world that will rejuvenate the battery. CdSO4 has been used, to give the battery a shot of adrenaline, but is highly toxic & causes problems in the recycling stream.

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