Microtex battery certifications & approvals

Battery certification ISO 9001 certification
Microtex ISO 14001 Certification

Microtex is ISO certified since 2005 & manufactures a wide range of consumer & industrial lead-acid batteries

Microtex Energy is committed to providing High-Quality Batteries and components, promptly; using the best of Technology and Skills. Our aim is to be a Primary Organisation in the Battery Domain which we will achieve with Humane values by a creative team of professionals to the complete satisfaction of our customers.
We are committed to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 and for continually improving the Quality Management System.

2v battery and 12v monoblocs Sealed Maintenance Free and Flooded in a wide range of applications and types are available from Microtex Energy – an ISO 9001 & 14001 certified company. The batteries are tested and approved for use by various government authorities, including, Indian Railways, Technical Specification Evaluation Certificate (TSEC) the governing body for telecom applications, CPRI, NPCIL, BARC, CECRI, MNRE, CIRT, NISE, RDSO & BSNL

The batteries offered to customers are subjected to stringent short term test, capacity tests, Ampere hour efficiency test, watt-hour efficiency tests, loss of capacity, endurance test, life cycle test, equilibrium float current, initial cranking current, sustained craning current, vibration tests, seismic qualification and seismic tests, long term storage tests (2 years), oxygen recombination test, recharge capability tests, permissible discharge current test, Air pressure test, internal resistance tests, conductance measurement tests, high rate discharge test. 

Microtex is TSEC approved for 2v battery AGM VRLA and by RDSO for 2v battery VRLA for signaling and telecommunication, Train lighting and air conditioning for ac coach and flooded lead acid batteries for railway signal & telecommunication batteries, traction battery, electric loco battery, EMU batteries, diesel locomotive starter battery.

Designs are proven and tested for complete life cycle testing to international norms before the batteries are offered to the market. The electrical test laboratory is complete with high-quality life cycle testers, like Bitrode and Digatron.

Our products are top of the line. Contact us to learn more.

TSEC battery certification

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