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If you are sourcing a solar battery, look no further…!

For a wide range of solar battery applications – solar energy, solar in telecom, solar inverters, switchgear & control panels with solar integration, solar ups & home solar inverters. Solar Batteries in 12v from 40Ah to 200Ah

Microtex Solartech 12v solar battery for solar inverters

Solar UPS battery

Home solar inverter systems

12v Solar battery

What sets our 12v solar battery apart from the rest?

Microtex Estb’d 1969. 50 years of manufacturing experience puts our Microtex Solartech 12v solar batteries as one of the top 10 solar battery manufacturers in India. Our 12v solar batteries are capable of deep discharge performance. Built with low antimony alloys & requires very less maintenance. Available in a wide range from 12v 40Ah to 12v 200Ah in flooded low maintenance. With a Microtex 12v solar battery, you can expect:

  • Trouble-free performance
  • Very low maintenance with topping up periods of once a year
  • To deliver the correct rated capacity
  • Awesome customer service experience to help you through any service-based questions after your battery purchase
  • Key features of Microtex Solartech 12v solar batteries:
  • High power efficiency – You want a 12v solar battery made to last
  • Longer discharge period – heavy-duty, coupled with deep-cycle capabilities
  • Long-life – better RoI
  • Minimum purchase cost
Home Solar Gel battery 12v Solar battery 12v solar battery

Solartech flooded 12v batteries


Solartech 12v solar battery in 12v Monoblocs comply with
IS: 16270
IS: 13369: 1992
IEC 60896-Part 11
IEC 61427
BSNL GR No.TEC/GR/TX/BAT-001/04 June-2011 with Amdt No.1
Microtex Batteries are approved by MNRE –                                              you can view the approvals here.

Innovative design

  • Sturdy PPCP (polypropylene copolymer) containers for durability
  • Designer lead alloys with low antimony for reduced water topping-up of once a year
  • Correctly balanced active materials ensure long life & trouble-free performance
  • 150 bar high-pressure die-cast spine grids for tubular positive plates (densely compacted under such high pressures ensure long life performance)
  • Superior woven tubular gauntlets (not nonwovens) for tubular plates.
  • Woven tubular gauntlets will not rupture in service and active material will not leak causing internal shorts & failure
  • Specially designed vent plugs with ceramic water trap
  • Factory fresh charged 12v solar batteries – No fuss no mess. Use straight away

Battery range

  • Microtex 12v Solar Battery is available in Short, Jumbo & Tall containers with heavy-duty tubular plates

    STT 12v 120P       L 510 mm x W 194 mm x H 410 mm       61.20 Kgs
    STT 12v 130P       L 510 mm x W 194 mm x H 410 mm       62.80 Kgs
    STT 12v 160P       L 510 mm x W 194 mm x H 410 mm       72.00 Kgs
    SJT 12v 120P       L 510 mm x W 220 mm x H 293 mm       48.40 Kgs
    SJT 12v 130P       L 510 mm x W 220 mm x H 293 mm       55.40 Kgs
    SJT 12v 175P       L 518 mm x W 274 mm x H 293 mm       70.00 Kgs


Always the refer battery manufacturer‘s user manual for safety. You can get the best life out of your battery by following the battery manufacturer’s user guide

Download catalog User Manual

12v solar battery charger settings

Please refer these charging instructions for the correct charger settings of your 12v solar battery. Charger settings are very important for the long life of your 12v deep cycle solar battery. Please go through this carefully & ensure your charger is set to these settings

GTP, discharge curves & drawings

For GTP, battery discharge curves, drawings & 12v solar battery price list 2020 or for exports, Please send us a quick message with your requirements. We shall provide you with all information as required.

Charging Instructions Contact us
What is the difference between UPS & inverters?

The major difference between the inverter and uninterrupted power supply is the switchover time. Switching time is of two types: change over time from mains to back-up and vice versa.   In UPS it is only a few milliseconds (average 8 ms), which one will not realise in practice whereas in inverters, it will be several milliseconds (during which the connected electrical and electronic items would be switched off. When the inverter begins to supply current, all the items will be switched on, for, example, fans and lights (and not the computers, which requires manual switching on).

Which inverter battery is best for home application? Flooded flat plate or tubular?

The flat plate battery is inherently a short-lived battery. Even though the flat plate inverter battery is designed with thicker plates than the ordinary flat plate batteries, the life is poor in comparison with tubular batteries. Tubular batteries offer robust performance, recover quickly from deep discharges & have a very long life.
Hence, the tubular battery is the best inverter battery. Prefer to buy tall tubular batteries instead of short height batteries if space is available.

Our 12v solar batteries for the solar photovoltaic industry come with unmatched reliability!
This is to certify that we are using 48v 2500Ah battery bank of Microtex make since last 3 years. Performance of battery is satisfactory. We are getting good service support from the Microtex. SDE – BSNL Moradabad4-3-2020 This is to certify that we are using 48v 400Ah battery bank of Microtex make since last 3 years. Performance of battery is satisfactory. We are getting good service support from the Microtex. SDE -BSNL Moradabad3-3-2020 Previous Next PT Bags with bottom supports 12v Solar battery Gel batteries for solar energy
12v solar battery price – request a quote
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