Microtex Products - lead-acid batteries

Microtex batteries have superior quality – for one reason! All components are manufactured in-house!
Manufacturing the complete battery and all its components in-house guarantees that we control the quality & performance of our batteries rather than relying on outside vendors for the various components. Complete control of the quality of components ensures you get a battery made with consistency & the legendary reliability of Microtex products

Right from the raw-material stage

Specially designed lead alloys based on the different end uses of a battery to perform & provide for different properties & characteristics of battery performance ensures long-life

Active materials


Our state-of-the-art oxide mills ensure absolute quality in a totally enclosed closed loop system ensuring an environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Even the boxes!

Battery containers

In house production of all the battery containers required for our production is manufactured with accuracy on injection moulding machines ranging from 60t to 1300t capacities

Current carrying conductors

Grid castings

The lead electrodes are produced on automatic grid casting machines producing consistently high-quality grids with uniform dimensions.


A state-of-the-art pasting machine from Mac, USA world leaders in pasting machines, ensures high consistency in weights producing a balanced quantity of active materials in the electrodes

High-pressure die casting

Spine castings

Imported spine casters with pressures exceeding 150bars ensure lead is densely compacted into the spine grids for corrosion resistance in heavy-duty tubular batteries

Critical component

PT Bags

Probably one of the very few companies in the world to produce its own Pluri tubular bags. Our PT Bags quality is accepted to be the finest. Sold to other battery manufacturers and exported for use in Submarine batteries

High porosity

PVC Separators

Microtex the pioneers of PVC separators in India. High-performance Tubular gel batteries require the robust performance of the separator to match the over 15-year life of the gel battery

Ensures reliable performance

Plate formation

Our batteries are manufactured like no other. While most battery mfrs form the plates after assembling the battery, using green plate methods, Microtex ensures the reliability & performance of its battery by doing the plate formation first before assembling the battery. Unformed plates are easily spotted & removed. 

Care at every stage


Our batteries are assembled by expert technicians who with years of experience produce highly consistent quality using proven and established process controls

Microtex Battery Chargers

Regenerative power for charging


After grouping & assembly process, the battery is put for the final charge using sophisticated regenerative battery charger/discharger systems to give it that factory fresh charge. Most of our batteries are supplied in a charged condition.

Double checked

Packing & dispatch

Care is taken to once again reinspect the battery just before it is finally packed for air pressure leaks, by immersing the battery into a water tank & pressurized to spot minute air leaks. Only then it is carefully packed for dispatch

Microtex have installed industry-leading battery making equipment which is of world-class quality and comparable to the best in class. Microtex have facilities to manufacture the tools and dies used to manufacture the battery, in house. It produces in house, the lead alloys, castings, oxides, injection-moulded containers, PVC Separators, Pluri tubular gauntlets (PT Bags), battery plates and other components. Assembling the entire battery in house to exacting standards. Microtex have one team, one plant, in one location for better management and better controls to provide you with the best quality batteries.

Microtex has a team of highly experienced and qualified people committed to delivering the customers a quality battery. Microtex design team in consultations with renowned European battery consultants are highly skilled and competent in the field of battery design, process, and manufacture.

Certified since 2005

ISO 14001:2015

Certified since 2008

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