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Supplying batteries for electric vehicles to power cuts to solar panel 12v battery our battery cell & battery packs offer better performance when compared to li-ion cells or lithium ion batteries. Our manufacturing units in Bengaluru, complete with Research and development centre and being equipment manufacturers ourselves we have the highest level of automation in battery manufacture. We are solar battery manufacturers in India mfrg lead acid battery India

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High-Quality Batteries

A comprehensive inventory of lead acid types of battery –  Flooded – AGM – Gel

12v SMF Battery

Microtex 12v AGM rechargeable battery – valve-regulated (VRLA) with high power density using absorbent glass mat are available in a wide range from 70Ah to 200Ah. VRLA 12v AGM Battery for the UPS & Inverter industry from Microtex are sealed maintenance-free battery and come with assured quality. Microtex incorporates battery research and design from years of its own experience and that of reputed European Battery Scientists.

OPzV Batteries

2v OPzV battery in ABS containers are designed for deep discharge and float long-duration applications in the Solar off-grid backup, Offshore Oil rigs, Telecommunication & Power Generation industries. Our OPzV cells are manufactured using the best industry techniques, extensive testing, and the highest quality components. Tubular gel battery (or T Gel) OPzV battery have precision German vent valves and no opening for water levels to check. Being a sealed unit, there is no risk of acid spillage. This battery can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position.

Forklift Batteries

Microtex forklift batteries for the battery-operated forklift industry is India’s most widely used lead-acid traction battery. They are used as power sources for electric forklifts, stackers, and platform trucks. Microtex Motive Power 2v cells are available in the complete range of all available internationally approved forklift battery sizes both in British & DIN specifications.  Ranging from 24 to 96 volt. 

Golf Cart Batteries

Microtex have been manufacturing & exporting semi-traction & traction battery since 1977. 50 years of manufacturing experience put our Best Golf cart batteries as one of the top 10 Golf cart battery manufacturers. Designed for deep discharge performance, it is manufactured with special antimony alloys, requiring very less water topping up.

2v AGM VRLA Battery Bank

Microtex VRLA Battery are 2v valve-regulated VRLA battery with high power-density use high-temperature absorbent glass mat separators. Available in a wide range of 2v cells from 100Ah to 5000Ah. 2v VRLA Battery for the Standby Power & Telecom industry from Microtex is sealed maintenance-free battery and come with assured quality.

2v TGel Battery

 2v tgel battery in PPCP containers & steel modules are designed for deep discharge and float long-duration applications in the Solar, Energy Backup, Telecom & Power industries. Among the few TGel type battery manufacturers in India, Microtex TGel battery for inverter are manufactured using the best industry techniques, extensive testing, and highest quality components. The PPCP plastic containers maintain their properties at a wide range of temperatures from −20 to 55 °C (−4 to 131 °F). 

OPzS/HDP battery

2v OPzS Battery made in India with German technology
When you need a fail-safe battery bank, trust Microtex OPzS batteries for:
Solar off-grid power, Nuclear power plants, Thermal power plants, Hydropower plants, Power-generating stations,
Offshore oil rigs, Oil & gas industry, Petrochemical industry, Home solar inverters & Electricity substations

12v Front Terminal Battery


Traditionally 2v AGM VRLA battery has been used in telecom tower applications. The rapid increase in density of towers in thickly populated areas has led to the need for a battery with a smaller capacity & a smaller footprint to be housed inside the Base Station Cabinet itself. This reduced the need for a separate space & a separate cabinet for housing the large 2v battery. These stringent requirements led us to develop the Microtex Dunia Front Terminal battery which is a sleek compact & yet very robust deep cycle battery which can perform in high-temperature conditions

2V Flooded battery

Microtex 2v flooded lead-acid battery have excellent reserve capacity. Deep-cycle characteristics, and recover from deep discharges quickly.
Flooded battery are robust in construction housed in the time tested Hard Rubber- ebonite containers or in modern high-impact Polypropylene copolymer (PPCP) hermetically heat sealed containers. Flooded battery manufactured with Tubular positive plates use woven gauntlets to eliminate shedding. Tubular plates ensure good capacity and long cycle life. 

Mining Locomotive Battery


Microtex builds safe and reliable traction batteries for mining locomotive – battery-electric locomotive applications. Mining locomotive batteries are 2v battery cells and need to be built with special care and shall not have any sparks in service. A Microtex mining locomotive battery is carefully hand built with special care to ensure complete safety in operation, is the dependable and trustworthy power source for your mining locomotive deep underground. Trusted underground locomotive battery manufacturers.

Microtex Mining Locomotive Battery

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What are the three types of batteries? Microtex offers all the three types, Flooded, AGM VRLA, Gel VRLA

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