Our founder
Mr A Govindan 1926-2015

“Integrity is choosing your thoughts & actions based on values, rather than personal gain”.

Mr Ambraith Govindan, in 1969, who established, Microtex, was a first-generation entrepreneur, Founder and Promoter of the company. He was a visionary with values, who pioneered the manufacture and usage of PVC separators in India when the industry was using inefficient and technically outdated wooden/rubber separators. He has to his credit several inventions and is highly regarded in the battery industry. He invented the PT Bags for which he was awarded a patent at the time, in 1975.

Microtex founder Mr A Govindan

His beliefs

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His dream was to build a highly experienced team of dedicated & committed employees to follow his belief in creating better storage battery devices.

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He cared for the environment so much that very early on he took measures to ensure that the battery manufacturing was done with clean & green processes.

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Latest Technology

Always keeping abreast with the latest battery making machinery & techniques. He employed world-leading battery consultants to passionately update manufacturing processes. We also make great batteries!

Patent Awarded

Patent awarded to Mr A Govindan for his invention of the "Pluri Tubular Bags"

1975, India

In recognition of his contributions, he has received various awards including the prestigious Udyog Patra from the President of India. He started the production of lead-acid batteries in 1977 and exported annually over 4000 traction batteries to the USSR.

President of India

Hon Giani Zail Singh, presented the Udyog Patra Award to Mr A Govindan for his contribution to the economy

1985, India


Receiving the regional top exporters shield from Shri MG Ramachandran

1986, India

Surjit Singh Barnala

Receiving the regional top exporters trophy from Shri Surjit Singh Barnala

1984, India

Salman Khurshid

Receiving the National top exporters award from Shri Salman Khurshid

1992, India

Receiving the regional top exporters medal from Shri Tallam

1988, India