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2v OPzS Battery made in India with German technology

2v OPzS battery are standby battery power storage units. They are lead-acid tubular flooded batteries housed in transparent SAN containers. Required to be transparent for mission-critical applications where the condition of the cell’s electrodes can be inspected visually. OPzS batteries have a cell voltage of 2 volts & are connected together to obtain higher voltages. Microtex OPzS batteries with high power density are available for Power Generation, Hydroelectricity, Nuclear Power Stations, Solar EnergyOffshore oil rigsPetrochemical complexes in transparent SAN containers from 100Ah to 3000Ah. Microtex has been manufacturing OPzS batteries since 2007 for standby battery applications meeting European norms.

OPzS battery specifications

  • Complete range available 2v 100Ah to 3400Ah
  • Microtex 2v OPzS battery complies with the following standards:
  • DIN 40 736 part 1,
  • IS 1651-2013,
  • Tests according to IEC 60 896-11 and safety standards, ventilation
  • DIN EN 50 272-2
  • Heavy-duty battery terminal posts with special copper inserts
  • Tin-lead plated copper intercell connectors
  • Seismically qualified floor stands with acid proofing

OPzS Battery Key features

  • Transparent SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile) containers for visual confirmation of battery condition
  • High impact ABS cover with large bright colours for polarity indication – enhances cell safety for easy visual of cell polarity
  • Smart terminal pole bushing. Allows for growth & movement of terminal post upwards without causing breakage (common failure mode after the 7th year of service)
  • Designer lead alloys with special additives to prevent premature failures due to grid corrosion
  • Special grid design provides faster conductivity to terminals, minimises internal resistance
  • Calcium lead grids reduce the need to top up frequently
  • Batteries are supplied with factory pre-formed plates ensures for reliable performance and no excess cycling required in the field to obtain rated capacity.
  • Specially designed ceramic vent plugs with a high-quality ceramic water trap to retain water which may naturally escape from the vented cell; reduces the frequency of water topping-up
  • Supplied with woven tubular bags we do not use NON-Wovens
  • High-pressure die-casted spine grids
  • Balanced active materials

OPzS batteries Product range

Microtex OPzS batteries are available in the complete internationally approved range from 2v 100Ah to 2v 3380Ah

OPzS Battery Charging instructions

Please refer these charging instructions for the correct charger settings of your Microtex OPzS battery banks

OPzS Battery manual

Always refer the battery manufacturer‘s user manual for safety. You can get the best life out of your battery by following the battery manufacturer’s user guide

OPzS Battery datasheet

For OPzS battery GTP, OPzS battery discharge curves, Drawings & OPzS battery price Please send us a quick message with your requirements. We shall provide you with all information as required.

What does OPzS mean? | OPzS battery full form | OPzS battery meaning

On an interesting note… what is OPzS battery meaning? OPzS definition is derived from German words & stands for:  O – Ortsfest in German means Stationary, Pz – Panzer Plate means tubular plate (for sturdy and robust) S – Stands for Flussig or Flooded

August 29, 2007

German Technology

Dr Wieland Rusch, a leading battery scientist & inventor of copper stretch metal submarine batteries, joins Microtex to develop the complete range of OPzS battery

August 29, 2007

March 13, 2009

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

Maiden supply to nuclear power generation industry BARC Microtex OPzS batteries 250v 1200Ah battery bank

March 13, 2009

September 13, 2012


Microtex OPzS Batteries 220v 500Ah battery bank

September 13, 2012

August 8, 2011

Indian Oil Corporation

Microtex OPzS Batteries 48v 800Ah battery bank

August 8, 2011

September 4, 2014


Microtex OPzS Batteries 250v 500Ah battery bank

September 4, 2014
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