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Microtex batteries – with better capacity & deep discharge performance!

For Solar off-grid power, Home solar power, Telecom towers & Telecommunications, Solar Energy, Electricity, Nuclear & Standby Power, Electricity power plants, BESS

Finest German technology for hot conditions like in India!

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Microtex OPzV Battery Bank

Why Microtex OPzV Battery?

German Designs - Made for Indian conditions

Microtex batteries are designed by Dr Wieland Rusch a leading battery scientist & inventor of the copper stretch metal submarine battery design.

Comparable to any leading international brands of batteries – our designs match with the best in the world.


Established in 1969, Microtex is known for its legendary quality

Microtex batteries are known the world over for their dependable & reliable battery performance

Unlike competitors, Microtex makes the complete battery & all its components in house

Microtex produces in house, the specially designed lead alloys, lead oxides, grid castings, pasted plates, injection-moulded containers, multi-tubular gauntlets (PT Bags), PVC separators and produces the complete battery using state of the art industry standard battery making machinery.

Innovative design power sources

  • Designer lead alloys with Lead calcium & low antimony for positive plates & negative plates to prevent failures due to corrosion
  • Lead calcium alloy makes the battery maintenance-free
  • Correctly balanced active materials ensure enhanced energy densities that provide long life & trouble-free performance
  • 150 bar high-pressure die-cast spine grids for tubular positive plates (densely compacted under such high pressures prevent early corrosion failures)
  • Superior WOVEN tubular gauntlets (not NON-Wovens) for tubular plates
  • Woven tubular gauntlets will not rupture in service and  active material will not leak causing internal shorts & failure
  • Specially designed Microtex safety vent valves with high accuracy opening & closing pressures to release excess pressures inside the gel battery

Complete International Range of 2v OPzV Batteries available!

Microtex offers the complete international range of OPzV batteries meeting recognized DIN & IEC standards 

  • 2v cells from 100Ah to 3000Ah

All our batteries are designed by the reputed German Battery Scientist Dr Wieland Rusch. 

Microtex have been exporting batteries from 1977!

Very few battery companies can claim to have been exporting batteries for so long! We have sold hundreds of thousands of cells globally since 1997

Here is the perfect solution if you want trouble-free battery performance


Getting an OPzV battery is half the task.

Experience shows that most batteries last only 5 to 8 years.

Don’t let that happen! Discover long-lasting deep-cycle batteries from Microtex. Dependable battery capacity so you can get the complete expected life of your battery banks.

A good gel battery needs to be designed for deep-discharge performance

Special designer lead-calcium alloys, with super additives, tin, low-antimony, selenium, copper & arsenic ensure a really long life of your Microtex battery.

In addition, we add nucleating agents like copper & sulphur to ensure the lead electrodes do not corrode easily for a very long time!

Our OPzV Batteries have seen life of over 12 years!

At Microtex we believe our customers must get the best battery performance & life consistently. To this end, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that you get a superior battery built with great care & passion.

Microtex Reputation.
Highly demanding customer base!

  • Defence applications
  • Nuclear Power Corporation of India
  • Oil companies
  • Indian Railways
  • Electricity substations & Power generating stations across India
  • Telecom Operators
  • Regularly exported to several countries from Africa to Australia

Microtex is proud to be a high credential supplier to such esteemed customers.

Our happy customers

Microtex customer logo Nilkamal
Microtex customer logo AkzoNobel
Microtex customer logo Vasudha Pharma Chem
Microtex customer logo Bharat Electronics (BEL)
Microtex customer logo TTK Prestige
Microtex customer logo Jindal
Microtex customer logo Gestamp
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Microtex customer logo Colourtex

50 years in business & successful
in a tough difficult battery market

All our battery customers Trust & Know they can depend on the Reliable & Trouble-free Performance of our OPzV Battery during its long designed working life. Without having to worry about the battery failures! Once a Microtex battery user, always a Microtex battery user! 

Outstanding Quality, Designs & Processes

We have total control over the production of most of the components used in the manufacture of an OPzV battery – because we manufacture most of the components in house! 

We don’t have to depend on our vendors to make our OPzV battery reliable!

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Special additives including Nano-carbons!

Microtex uses proprietary additives to ensure various end-use parameters are met. Different chemicals like Barium sulphate, lignin, carbon black & nano-carbons in definite proportions all deliver key parameters to ensure the top-quality performance of our OPzV battery in rugged conditions. These formulae are time-tested and proven in our plant over the last 50 years.

Leading to a superior battery performance with improved and faster charge acceptance.

Industry-leading European Battery Experts work with us

  • The best experts from the European battery, industry assist in the design of Microtex OPzV battery & Processes to European Standards – Making our batteries globally accepted! 

ISO Certifications

Microtex ISO 9001 certificate
Microtex ISO 14001 certificate

We are a family-owned business & flexible

We can modify a standard product to accommodate individual customer requirements!

We are responsive to our customers & you don’t have to go through a lot of administrative staff to resolve your requirements!

OPzV Batteries tested to International Standards

We own test facilities with world-class equipment from Bitrode, USA & Digatron, Germany for electrical testing of batteries to international standards.

We use this State-of-the-art Electrical laboratory to analyze battery design testing, performance characteristics & even battery failure analysis to continuously improve & offer you a superior quality OPzV battery.

We are the only Battery Company
to make all components in one roof!

Being the only company to manufacture all the components, we have complete control & select only the best raw-materials even for the components

We use high-purity 99.99 lead, PVC resin from the world leaders Innovyn, Polyproylene from Indian Oil Corporation & other raw-materials for all the components

We don't just sell a battery! We build relations!

It is our company policy to do that to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our OPzV battery. We prefer to have you as a partner rather than just a customer!

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Microtex OPzV Battery
OPzV Battery

Microtex 2v OPzV Battery offers tremendous performance particularly in Solar applications where deep cycle characteristics are crucial to the life of the Solar Energy Backup System. Available in the complete international range from 200Ah up to 3000Ah in robust ABS containers

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