Solar & Standby

2v OPzS

2v OPzS

2v OPzS Stationary Battery – The best choice for stationary applications? The world of stationary batteries is not standing still. What is the best battery choice for this rapidly expanding market? The world is rapidly changing. More and more industries, organisations, regions and countries need consistent and reliable electric power on demand. National grids are …

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AGM vs Gel battery for solar

AGM vs Gel battery

AGM vs Gel Battery What Is a Gel Battery and how do they differ from AGM VRLA Batteries? You may think there’s not that much to know about batteries in general. As long as batteries work when you need them to, you are good to go. But there are so many things certain types of …

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Batteries for nuclear power plants

Batteries for nuclear power plants

Early times Nuclear power plants High-performance plantè battery In the time from the Second World War to the ’60s open Plantè cells were used for the utilities. The open Plantè cells consisted out of glass containers without the lid. The positive plate was Plantè, the negative also Plantè or a box plate both antimony-free. The …

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Battery sizing

Battery Sizing of Lead Acid Batteries

Battery Sizing – for solar energy The use of solar off-grid energy supply is becoming increasingly popular for domestic, industrial and municipal applications. Due to the variable nature of renewable energy sources, many of the installations include an energy storage system to enable supply for peak demands and when energy generation is limited. There are …

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