7 signs when its time for a new car battery
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7 signs when its time for a new car battery

A battery is an important component of a car & often a neglected item. The need for a replacement battery announces itself without warning for many of us and can cause many inconveniences at unexpected moments. Watch out for these 7 telltale signs and you can predict early if your car battery needs a replacement. Since the battery is already installed inside the engine compartment, we need to carry out only such tests which can be done in the same condition. Most users are familiar with this procedure.

Does not start - 7 signs when its time for a new car battery

  • Does not start the engine or makes a slow start with several attempts
  • evidence of a build-up of sulphation- open the bonnet and check whether the terminals are corroded or evidence of a build-up of sulfation (white deposit near the terminal) 
  • Corroded terminals or connectors – check the integrity of the cables too
  • Bulged battery container – check whether the container is bulged or damaged in any manner. If no evidence of damage is seen, clean the area, reconnect and try to start the engine. If starting is still slow, the battery is nearing the end of life and needs replacement.
  • Dim lights, weak horn or other electrical issues. Switch on the lights and see whether the brightness is diminishing within 2 minutes. The current can be measured with a clip-on ammeter. If there is a gradual fall in current, the battery is nearing the end of life.
  • Bad smell from the battery
  • An old battery. If 3-4 years have passed after installing the battery, consider a replacement.
7 signs when its time for a new car battery

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