Lead Acid Batteries

Battery Recycling

Battery Recycling

Above photo credit: EPRIJournal Lead acid Battery Recycling A Paradigm for battery recycling in a circular economy In this blog, we will be looking at battery recycling particularly lead acid batteries as a model for the energy storage industry. We are all aware of the concept and benefit of a circular economy. The most critical …

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Lithium ion battery

Lithium ion battery or Lead acid battery?

Advantages of Lead acid battery chemistry Batteries are strange devices. Nobody wants them, but everybody needs them. They are only bought when required. How many people plan a trip to the local mall to window shop for batteries? They are a grudge purchase and only bought when absolutely necessary. A good salesman can sell you …

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Lead storage battery

Lead storage battery – Installation & commissioning

Lead storage battery installation & commissioning A guide to Installation & commissioning of large lead storage battery banks.Lead storage battery or stationary battery are called as such, based on the functions it was designed for. Stationary batteries as the name suggest are designed to function & operate at the location where it is installed & …

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2v Battery

2v battery Maintenance

2v battery maintenance guide This is a general guide to obtain super long life from your battery banks. Always read & follow the battery manufacturer’s instructions to obtain the best performance characteristics. Only trained & authorized personnel familiar with battery installation, charging & maintenance shall be permitted to maintain large stationary battery banks. Do not …

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EFB Battery

Guide to EFB Battery

What is an EFB Battery? In an effort to reduce the CO2 emissions of vehicles which have an internal combustion engine (ICE), manufacturers are increasingly making use of what is now called start-stop technology. Put very simply, this is a technology incorporated into an engine’s management system which will automatically switch off the motor when …

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