Lead Acid Batteries

Tubular plates

Tubular Plates

Tubular plates: tall tubular battery vs flat plate battery 1. Types of lead acid battery plates Introduction to batteries There are several types of electrochemical power sources (also known as galvanic cells, voltaic cells or batteries). A battery is defined as an electrochemical device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy and vice versa. The …

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Solar Battery

Solar Battery (Storage of Solar Energy) 2021

Solar Battery – Storage of solar energy At present broadly speaking, only two types of batteries are commercially available for solar photovoltaic system (SPV) applications. They are: Lead-acid battery & Lithium-ion Battery In this type there are mainly three varieties: (a). Flooded type (Flat plate and tubular plate types) (b). AGM VRLA battery (c). Gelled …

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Golf cart battery

What is a golf cart battery?

Golf cart battery Guide to Electric Golf Cart Battery The term electric golf cart battery covers a multitude of applications, from lighting an RV or tent during a camping holiday to powering a club car golf cart buggy for a couple of 18-hole games per day. The applications are diverse but the requirements for the …

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What is battery sulfation

What is battery sulfation?

What is battery sulfation? Lead acid batteries Battery sulfation occurs when a battery is undercharged or deprived of a full charge. Every time we don’t complete a full charge, it adds to the build-up of sulfates. What is battery sulfation? It is normal in a battery for small sulfate crystals to form during its use. …

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Origin of lead acid battery

Origins of lead acid battery

Origins of lead acid battery life It is true to say that batteries are one of the major innovations which have combined with other technologies to shape the modern industrial world. From industrial to domestic to personal use, they have truly given us freedoms and possibilities which would be impossible without portable and stationary energy …

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what is a traction battery?

What is a Traction Battery?

What is a traction battery? what does traction battery mean? According to European standard IEC 60254 – 1 lead acid traction battery are used as power sources for electric propulsion in applications which include road vehicles, locomotives, industrial forklift trucks and mechanical handling equipment(MHE). The traction battery pack can be made of 2 volt cells, …

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Battery capacity calculator

Battery capacity calculator

Battery capacity calculator Lead acid batteries The battery capacity calculator helps to calculate the required Ah capacity for a specific application. Let us take the example of inverter battery Battery capacity calculator for inverter battery While automotive starter batteries provide peak capacity over a short period of time. The automotive or SLI battery is not …

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Lithium ion battery

Lithium ion battery or Lead acid battery?

Advantages of Lead acid battery chemistry Batteries are strange devices. Nobody wants them, but everybody needs them. They are only bought when required. How many people plan a trip to the local mall to window shop for batteries? They are a grudge purchase and only bought when absolutely necessary. A good salesman can sell you …

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Acid used in battery

Ultimate guide to acid used in battery

Acid used in battery The term battery acid used in batteries usually refers to sulphuric acid for filling lead acid battery with water. Sulphuric acid is the aqueous electrolyte used in battery – lead acid batteries. Sulphuric acid is diluted with chemically clean & pure water (demineralized water) to obtain about 37% concentration by weight …

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