Lead Acid Batteries

What is a VRLA Battery?

What is a VRLA Battery?

What is a VRLA battery? A Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery is simply a lead-acid battery in which the electrolyte has been immobilised in order to recombine hydrogen and oxygen. It has a sealed construction with pressure release valves to prevent gases from escaping, it is this which gives it its name. Because the …

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Nickel Metal Hydride Battery

Nickel metal hydride battery

Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Technology The pioneering work on Nickel Metal Hydride Battery was performed at the Battelle Geneva Research Centre starting after its invention in 1967 as a derivative of bot Ni-Cd and The Ni-H2 cells used in satellites. The key motivations for the Ni-MH studies were the environmental advantages associated with higher energy, …

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Microtex Ultimate Guide to forklift battery

The Ultimate Guide to Forklift Battery (2021)

Are you afraid your forklift battery will fail when you need it the most? Guide to forklift battery types Have you ever had a moment when you thought your forklift battery may not function through the day when you had an important shipment to be loaded? We have too. So, we wrote this step-by-step article …

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What is OPzV Battery

What is OPzV Battery?

What is OPzV Battery? What is OPzV Battery? Under the DIN standards of Europe, OPzV stands for Ortsfest (stationary) PanZerplatte (tubular plate) Verschlossen (closed). Clearly this is a tubular plate 2V battery cell construction similar to the OPzS battery but having a valve regulated vent plug rather than open vent plug. However, no lead-acid battery …

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Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar Energy – description uses and facts Energy comes in various forms. In physics, it is defined as the potential or the capacity of doing work. Before understanding the concept, one needs to define work. Work, in physics, happens when an object experiences displacement because of an external force being applied to it. The capacity …

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Inverter battery for home

Inverter battery for home

What is an inverter battery for home? An inverter battery for home can be any rechargeable or secondary or storage battery (electrochemical power source) like a lead-acid battery, nickel-cadmium battery or Li-ion battery. Unlike the primary battery which are used in torch cells and wristwatches, we can recharge the storage batteries several hundred times. The …

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Solid State Battery Microtex Energy

What is a solid state battery?

Solid state battery introduction In a battery, positive ions move between the negative and positive electrodes via an ion conductor and deliver electrons to generate an electric current. In conventional batteries ex lithium-ion batteries, the ionic conductor is a highly combustible liquid organic compound which is a significant disadvantage. Various research and development processes adopted …

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Origin of lead acid battery

Origins of lead acid battery

Origins of lead acid battery life It is true to say that batteries are one of the major innovations which have combined with other technologies to shape the modern industrial world. From industrial to domestic to personal use, they have truly given us freedoms and possibilities which would be impossible without portable and stationary energy …

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2v Battery

2v battery Maintenance

2v battery maintenance guide This is a general guide to obtain super long life from your battery banks. Always read & follow the battery manufacturer’s instructions to obtain the best performance characteristics. Only trained & authorized personnel familiar with battery installation, charging & maintenance shall be permitted to maintain large stationary battery banks. Do not …

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