Lead Acid Batteries

Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle Battery

Electric Vehicle Battery From time immemorial, man has been inventing newer machines to improve his living comfort and to have more productivity in factories. Electric vehicles were born around the middle period of the 19th century and modern EVs/HEVs were developed at the end of the 20th century. These EVs were seen as more comfortable …

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Solar Battery

Solar Battery – Storage of solar power

Solar Battery – Storage of solar power At present broadly speaking, only two types of batteries are commercially available for solar photovoltaic system (SPV) applications.They are: Lead-acid battery & Lithium-ion BatteryIn this type there are mainly three varieties: (a). Flooded type (Flat plate and tubular plate types)(b). AGM VRLA battery(c). Gelled VRLA batteryOf these types, …

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Solar Photovoltaic System

What is a solar photovoltaic system?

Solar Photovoltaic System – introduction The large magnitude of Sun’s heat energy makes it a highly appealing source of energy. This energy can be directly converted to direct current electricity and heat energy. Solar energy is clean, abundant and inexhaustible renewable energy source available on the earth. Solar panels or Solar photovoltaic panels (SPV panels) …

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Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Power Sources (Batteries) Electrochemical power sources or batteries are studied under the inter-disciplinary subject of Electrochemistry dealing with the reactions occurring at the interface of electronic conductors (active materials) and ionic conductors (electrolyte), production of electrical energy from chemical cells (or conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy)  and its reverse reaction …

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PVC Battery Separator

PVC Battery Separator

PVC Battery Separator An overview of characteristics, manufacture & test methods PVC battery separator are microporous diaphragms placed between the negative and positive plates of lead-acid batteries to prevent any contact between them to avoid internal short circuit but at the same time allow free circulation of the electrolyte. This kind of Separators has a …

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2v OPzS

2v OPzS

2v OPzS Stationary Battery – The best choice for stationary applications? The world of stationary batteries is not standing still. What is the best battery choice for this rapidly expanding market? The world is rapidly changing. More and more industries, organisations, regions and countries need consistent and reliable electric power on demand. National grids are …

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Inverter battery for home

Inverter battery for home

What is an inverter battery for home? An inverter battery for home can be any rechargeable or secondary or storage battery (electrochemical power source) like a lead-acid battery, nickel-cadmium battery or Li-ion battery. Unlike the primary battery which are used in torch cells and wristwatches, we can recharge the storage batteries several hundred times. The …

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what is a traction battery?

What is a Traction Battery?

What is a traction battery? According to European standard IEC 60254 – 1 lead acid traction battery are used as power sources for electric propulsion in applications which include road vehicles, locomotives, industrial forklift trucks and mechanical handling equipment(MHE). The traction battery pack can be made of 2 volt cells, or 4, 6, 8 and …

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What is battery sulfation

What is battery sulfation?

What is battery sulfation? Lead acid batteries Battery sulfation occurs when a battery is undercharged or deprived of a full charge. Every time we don’t complete a full charge, it adds to the build-up of sulfates. What is battery sulfation? It is normal in a battery for small sulfate crystals to form during its use. …

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Tubular gel batteries

What is a tubular gel battery?

Tubular gel battery There are distinct advantages of lead-acid battery technology compared to lithium-ion battery & other electrochemical systems. Affordability, reliability, recyclability and safety are key issues in choosing the right battery for a particular application and lead-acid batteries will score highly in these categories. There is, however, a drawback when using conventional flooded lead-acid …

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